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Bookkeeping Rates for Full-Time & Part-Time Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping Services Fee

We provide our customers with an unmatched value proposition by giving great quality work at extremely affordable prices. Our Bookkeeping / accounting rates are as follows:

USA Bookkeeping Rate Monthly Accounting Plans - USA
BookkeeperJunior AccountantSenior Accountant
Staff Expertise --> BookkeepingBookkeeping
& Accounting
Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax Preparation
Recommended for --> Transaction Entry + ReconciliationBookkeeping +
Account Setups + Payroll + Financial Statement Preparation
Bookkeeping + Accounting + Sales & Use Tax + Income Tax Preparation
Our Fee -->Upto 50% lower than your current accounting costs!
Please call 1-800-626-1675 for a personalized quote.

Administrative Services

All dedicated staff are able learn and provide administrative services as well. Examples include insurance claim processing for Doctors, Shipment tracking for Logistics firms, Document Management for Attorneys, Title Searches and Binder Preparation for Title companies, Dispatch Management for Services firms etc.

* Click here to see a detailed comparison of the various process models supported by us.

Tax Return Preparation Fee - For CPA Firms

We provides back office Bookkeeping support to CPA and Accounting firms at extremely competitive pricing. They can concentrate more on consulting and let this work be done by us at the backend, while they save considerably on the Bookkeeping costs. We sign non-compete and confidentiality agreement to assure that we stay behind the scene completely unnoticed
  • No minimum billing condition
  • Individual & Business Tax Return Preparation at LOW per return rates

How Much Do you Save ?

The following table gives an indication of what you could save by using our services.

How Much Do You Save ?
Cost Inhouse
Bookkeeping Outsourced
to Others
Bookkeeping Outsourced
to Us
Salary @ $25 / hour
Plus Benefits @35%
Plus OverHeads @50%
= $ 45 per hour Net
$35-$45 / hour
Plus $70-$100 for
Account Setup
Plus $395-$495 for
Software Setup
Plus HelpDesk
Support Charges
Saving of 50% or more guaranteed!

How Do You Pay For Our Services ?

You can pay for our services through Wire Transfer or Master / Visa / American Express / Paypal. We can also set up automatic transfer on a monthly basis. We will bill you first week each month. Our pricing policy is based on a pay-per-usage model. There are no strings attached, no sign-up fees and no difficulties in stopping services. We use standard tools that allows you to join or quit our services with full control of your books.
Accounting services

Monthly Fixed Rate Bookkeeping Fee

Want a fixed monthly expense? Call today to discuss a contract rate.

Getting Started With Online Bookkeeping Services

Getting started is easy and fast. It involves the following 3 steps
  1. Verbal Agreement
  2. Engagement Letter
  3. Account Setup
And that's it! Your account is ready to be setup.


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